Middle school art classes offer opportunities to experiment with a variety of media, including drawing, painting, ceramics, and mixed media projects. Students use resources from art history and world cultures to inspire their work. Sixth grade focuses on Prehistoric-Medieval era. Seventh grade focuses on Renaissance-Contemporary era. Eighth grade focuses on North Carolina artists.

High school art classes progress from Art I to Art IV. Students extend their visual literacy through the in-depth study of the elements and principle of design, while expanding on technical abilities. As students progress through levels of high school art, they learn to maintain the attitude and self-discipline of a working artist. Students also develop a portfolio that exhibits technical proficiency and personal style.

*Community projects are a component of the upper level classes.


The instrumental music curriculum is based on a spiral design, with the focus on development of skills and knowledge being repeated at each level. Each succeeding level adds new knowledge and continues the development of skills to progressively refined degrees.

Skills developed in this area include performance, rhythm, ear training, and music reading. Knowledge is expanded in an historical and stylistic understanding of the music being studied and applied to provide accurate insights into performance. Knowledge is expanded continually regarding symbols and terminology.

Students are required to perform at various events throughout the year. Parents, and students, are required to read and understand the RCS Band Handbook.

Student Marching Band members hold their instruments, wear santa hats and prepare for the parade


RCS has a strong Theater Arts program!


The dance program at RCS began in 2010. The classes are taught according to the NC Standards for dance for grades 6 through 12.

The main focus of the classes is choreography and understanding the elements of dance. At the high school level, there are opportunities for beginning and advanced dancers. High School Dance Classes began “Dance for Change” in 2013. DFC is a student choreography showcase that encourages students to use their talents for the good of others and reminds them that even though they are high school students, they have the ability to impact the world.

Students performing, students dancing, students in the theatre