Student grabbing a basketball rebound; student chasing a soccer ball; student running at the head of pack; student jumping into the air in celebration at a volleyball game


Roxboro Community School is pleased to continue adding to our Sports Hall of Fame (HOF). The organization has four categories from which inductees may be selected.  (1) Athletes; (2) Teams; (3) Coaches/Administrators, and (4) Others who have made significant contributions to Roxboro Community School Athletics.

  1. The purpose of the Sports Hall of Fame is to bring proper recognition to noteworthy athletes, teams, coaches, administrators, and contributors for their accomplishments and contributions to the Roxboro Community School athletic program.

  2. Roxboro Community School shall conduct an induction ceremony each year to present awards to those duly elected to the Sports Hall of Fame.

  3. To honor each inductee, Roxboro Community School shall present a plaque to the elected member(s) as well as a permanent plaque that shall be displayed in a prominent location at RCS.

Each year’s class of nominations are due by April 1.